How technical training works at GEALAN

At GEALAN WE offer every trainee the same ingeniously intelligent course for technical vocations.
Both GEALAN and external partners work as trainers.

When their training begins, our young colleagues spend most of their time with external partners.
They learn the basic skills associated with their chosen profession in an optimally equipped training workshop.
Full-time trainers provide them with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills outlined in the German Chamber of Commerce’s guidelines in a variety of different course modules. These trainers take 100% responsibility for our young talent.
Our partners’ equipment is also optimized to meet the Chamber of Commerce’s guidelines. This helps us ensure that every trainee learns the same content.
Trainees can live in the dormitories during this time or commute to our external partners every day from home.

Our young talent is in good hands with GEALAN – in between and after external attendance times.
A fixed transfer plan ensures that trainees regularly switch departments. Trainees are able to visit all of the departments relevant to apprenticeship training in the process.

Specialized training officers are available in every department.
We believe it is important for trainees to learn and be a part of everyday work life from the very start so that they can deepen their existing theoretical knowledge. Trainees also have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with different areas of the company and responsibilities – what better way to make them a part of the GEALAN family?
The longer they remain in the department, the more demanding and varied their tasks become.
Every trainee who works with us will be challenged in an intelligent way that lets their true personal potential unfold.
Training officers understand what is important, assign the corresponding tasks and ensure that every trainee at GEALAN is trained and challenged in an intelligent way.
Following every department visit trainees participate in a constructive feedback interview with the department’s training officer.

Technical training is supplemented with an ingeniously intelligent programme featuring a variety of workshops and training courses on specific professional and general topics, such as quality, KAIZEN, lean management, etc.
During the final phase of vocational training, young employees are deployed in their chosen career fields, taking into consideration their strengths as well as GEALAN’s hiring needs.

They are already familiar with the department and their colleagues and find themselves in good hands – right from the start.