Shaping the future with responsibility, integrity and sustainability

Code of Conduct
- Compliance with law
- Mutual respect
- Wages and salaries
- Working hours
- Prohibition of corruption and bribery
- Prohibition of child labour
- Occupational safety and health protection in the workplace
- Data protection
- Protection of company property
- Environmental protection and energy efficiency
- Compliance, implementation and review

2018-03 Chefs Code of ConductAs medium-sized company, traditionally lead by the owner Thomas Fickenscher in cooperation with Gerhard Laubmann, we want to create values that benefit all of us: our customers, suppliers, our partners, our colleagues, ourselves and all public authorities and countries in which we are working.
All employees in all positions and in all levels are obliged, as part of their job, to know, to internalize and to be a living example for these defined rules. Our code of conduct indicates important principles for a lawful and responsible behaviour derived from our central company guidelines and demonstrates the absolute commitment for our company.

We respect laws
It is strictly compulsory for all employees that all applicable national laws and regulations, agreements and conventions as well as all further legal regulations are respected at any time

We show mutual respect and condemn discrimination
Committed and competent employees are a characteristic of GEALAN. Every single GEALAN employee will be respected as individual. Particular emphasis is put on equality of opportunity and equal treatment of every employee. The fair and open dealing with each other, appreciation and mutual confidence are our strengths.
No employee may be discriminated against, favoured or harassed in the grounds of sex, age, religion or ideology, colour, disabilities, social, ethnical or national origin, citizenship or in the grounds of a membership in workers’ organization, political views - within the bounds of fundamental democratic principles - the sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.
Personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of each individual will be respected.
All types of forced labour, behaviour, gestures, language and physical contacts, that are sexual, forced, threatening, abusive or exploiting are in general forbidden. Moreover, we do not tolerate unacceptable treatment of employees such as physical duress, sexual and personal harassment or discrimination

We encourage freedom of association
Open communication and a direct dialogue between management and staff are the most effective methods of resolving problems in the workplace along with controversies related to compensation. We must respect workers’ rights to form associations or call an employee association in accordance with applicable laws.
It must be possible for staff to communicate openly and honestly with management without fear of reprisals, intimidation or harassment and to address improper working conditions and management practices.

Our wages and salaries
Salaries paid for regular working hours, overtime hours and overtime differentials shall meet legal minimums at least.

Our working hours
The maximum allowable average weekly working time, as intended by law, will not be exceeded.

We prohibit corruption and bribery
We convince our clients with our performance and good products – each type of corruption or bribery, including illegal payments or other benefits to influence decisions are forbidden. GEALAN employees may not orientate their working activities to personal benefits, which they might gain, offer or demand. Common and appropriate are symbolic, sporadic promotional gifts of smaller value. Gifts of higher value have to be permitted by a superior.

We interdict child labour
Child labour, as defined in the ILO-convention, the United Nations conventions respectively national laws, is prohibited. Of the named standards the strictest has to be met. Each kind of child exploitation is forbidden. The rights of young employees have to be protected.

Occupational safety and health protection in the workplace are top priorities here
Clear rules and procedures must be followed to ensure health and safety in the workplace. Work methods and conditions that violate human rights are prohibited.
Supervisors play a key part as role models. Our leaders are accountable and take on entrepreneurial responsibilities.
The employees who work in our production facilities have been carefully selected and trained.

We live data security
The modern information technologies are carefully used at GEALAN, personal data is treated in a special way.

We protect intellectual property and the values of our company
It is the duty of each employee to protect intellectual property, like inside knowledge, confidential information and company secrets when working at GEALAN or with our partners. Depending on the importance of the information provisions for safety have to be taken.
No employee is allowed to remove company property without the permission of the company. Everybody is responsible for the correct and
appropriate use of the provided company property. Work equipment and other items are only provided for company’s purposes and have to be protected against loss, damage or improper use.Interventions in our electronical data  processing require special security awareness. The regulations for data protection, set up by our IT department have to be respected.

We take environmental protection and energy efficiency seriously.
Methods and standards for the disposal of waste, handling and disposal of chemicals and other hazardous substances, emissions and waste water treatment must meet or exceed the minimum requirements.
We work to minimize the environmental impact and strive to improve environmental protection. Regular efforts to improve energy efficiency and implement associated measures build on the ISO 50001-compliant energy management system we have already implemented.

We stick to our code, implement it and check it regularly
Legal infringements to our GEALAN code of conduct can involve sanctions concerning industrial law and even result in the termination of the employment relationship.Personal Liability or fines can be imposed to the person that caused a damage.
All employees appeal with any questions or problems to their managers.