Customer orientation and satisfaction

  • Specifications arranged with customers must be met.
  • A trusting, long-term relationship is the objective – from the first moment of contact on.

Responsibility for quality

  • Everyone is personally responsible for the quality of the work they perform.
  • We strive to maintain a zero-error policy.
  • Always demand and promote continuous improvements to existing processes.
  • Teamwork and coordination with different departments are prerequisites for boosting efficiency and profitability.

Environmental, energy, occupational safety, health protection and social responsibility

  • We must create and provide reliable and safe working conditions, environmentally sound products and energy-conscious processes. Procuring energy-efficient products, machines, systems and services should be given priority.
  • All while complying with legal obligations and GEALAN-specific requirements.
  • Implementing specific corporate objectives and programmes will help us achieve continuous improvement of our integrated management system (IMS).
  • Potential hazards, work accidents, environmental incidents and energy waste must be avoided and reduced as far as possible at the source.
  • Providing sufficient resources and collecting and making available the necessary data and information helps us achieve ongoing improvements to occupational, health and environmental protection and energy-related performance.
  • We must be good stewards of the resources with which we are entrusted.
  • Keeping our employees safe and healthy is our top priority. We strive to continually improve on these efforts with employees and their representatives.

Employee orientation

  • Our entire staff should receive ongoing training and further education as qualified employees.
  • Employee meetings should be held on a regular basis to motivate staff.
  • Every manager must promote awareness of open, honest communication, fairness, team orientation and respectful interactions along with responsible behaviour on the part of every employee and comply with the “GEALAN Principles”.


Business partners

  • We should always promote partnership and long-term cooperation with our suppliers. This relates to all occupational, health, environmental, energy, quality and safety-relevant aspects of our products and services.
  • We must work together to meet the requirements of the marketplace, our customers and society.

The management at GEALAN is expressly committed to implementing the above-mentioned principles and the specified objectives as part of the corporate strategy with top priority in all organizational units and with all employees.