GEALANhoch3Logo600GEALAN³ – Top Training for Talents

Launching your career is a very special milestone.
WE view our training programme as a key development process for young people.
As a company that offers training opportunities, GEALAN prides itself not only on conveying theoretical and practical specialist knowledge to its youngest team members but also on giving them the skill set they need to continuously develop themselves further throughout their training period.

WE train for the future!
Our concept focuses on integrating our new recruits into the GEALAN family and optimally preparing them for their career fields.
At GEALAN, WE work according to the principle “Top Training for Talents”.
GEALAN³ – Training at GEALAN – The comprehensive training concept

The GEALAN Formteile training concept: GEALAN ³ - Top Training for Talents.

Genial - ingenious support

...thanks to collaborative training in cooperation with our external partners.
...thanks to supplementary GEALAN workshops/training courses.
...thanks to specialized GEALAN expertise.

gut - right on track real work live, learning by doing right from the start. the GEALAN family and trainee team.
...with the help of trainee mentors.

geschult - intelligent training vocational college with general education, specialized theoretical courses and practical content.
...thanks to a well-structured training programme at GEALAN.
...thanks to GEALAN case studies that help deepen the knowledge gained in vocational college courses.