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Vocational education is a compulsory part of the dual studies training system in Bavaria. The practical courses with general education, specialized, theoretical and practical content take place one or two days a week or in blocks, depending on the profession. The vocational school varies based on the training programme.

WE don’t simply send our trainees to a vocational school – we are actively involved in their development and the current level of proficiency.

At GEALAN, WE supplement the courses offered by public schools.
We ensure a consistent level of training quality with a unified training programme and a fixed transfer plan based on the general training curricula and the content taught in vocational schools. Things never get boring!
This enables trainees to learn theory at the vocational school and then apply it and deepen it directly at the company.
If necessary, we supplement school courses with our own special lessons. For example, depending on the profession, we work through specific GEALAN case studies again and organize special training courses and workshops that focus once more on training content of particular importance to professional life at GEALAN.

Clever training in two ways
– in vocational school and at the company.
GEALAN³ – Top Training for Talents.