Apprentices dive into the deep end WITHOUT getting in over our heads!

Apprentices dive into the deep end WITHOUT getting in over our heads!

Oberkotzau, 8 September 2017, 2017, apprentices in cooperation with Antje Betz, Human Resources, and Claudia Gronwald, PR and Advertising

The start of the 2017 apprenticeship year... It was like diving into a lake full of possibilities!

Managing Directors, Training Supervisors and the Human Resources and Organization team scheduled in plenty of time to welcome the 13 young people starting their apprenticeships at GEALAN in 2017 on 1 September. New faces, lots of information, tours of the plants, games designed to help participants become more acquainted and much more awaited the apprentices during their first week.

Here is a review from our 2017 freshmen:
“Effective 1 September, we, the 13 new apprentices, are a part of the GEALAN team. We began our time with GEALAN with an exciting first week. There were training units with topics such as “What do we produce and develop?”, “Who are the people we work with?”, “Data protection”, “Work safety”, “What do GMV and ‘GEALAN comes Together’ mean?” – and much more.
Last year’s apprentices created a great game to help us learn our way around the new company and a make some important contacts right out of the gate. It was a lot like a scavenger hunt. We followed clues and sought out departments to get answers to questions about the company and individual solutions to unlock the secret code.

The absolute highlight for us was on Thursday!
Led by adventure instructors and our training officer Antje Betz, we worked as a team to master some unfamiliar challenges at a nearby lake called Tauperlitzer See.
One of these challenges:
Work together to build a raft... – Sounds easy? OK: And then head out onto the lake in three teams with vessels we built ourselves? Without sinking?
We had a huge pile of material available to us. The goal was to create something brilliant through teamwork in three designated groups.
After a brief introduction we began working with fervour, deciding what to use where, how and why. The instructors were on hand to point us in the right direction, but we still had to be creative.
After all, we wanted to reach our team destination getting little more than our feet wet on the way.
This is where the real adventure begins... it’s time to form teams!
Wow, it’s not as easy as it sounds! – Good teamwork, communication, actions that get results, the ability to innovate and manual dexterity all play an important role here.
As soon as the raft constructions were finished, we headed out to the lake and saw first-hand the strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative aspects .... Parallels to the day-to-day work we have ahead of us.

Our title aptly describes our team’s results:
It truly was a dive into the deep end! Some of us had very wet feet, others not so much. And the insight we gleaned from the adventure:
One thing’s certain: There’s a lot to learn:
Also beyond dispute: Our apprenticeship training will take us to new shores.
And most important of all: What matters most in the end is that we succeed as a team.
We spent the rest of the evening enjoying a barbecue at the headquarters in Oberkotzau with Managing Director Thomas Fickenscher, the training officers, the GEALAN band and all of the apprentices – a splendid way to end the day.”