Claudia Wohlleben among the top 10 German archers

Claudia Wohlleben among the top 10 German archers

Oberkotzau, 13.03.2017, Interview, Claudia Gronwald, GEALAN Formteile, PR

Claudia Wohlleben took seventh place at the German Archery Championships from 10 to 12 March 2017 in the Freiheitshalle in Hof.
She has worked for GEALAN Formteile GmbH for twenty years. The company also sponsored the event.

Following her most recent placing in the top ten, Claudia Wohlleben kindly agreed to an interview:

1.    What got you interested in archery and in working for GEALAN Formteile?
“… my father. Back them my parents lived in Oberkotzau right next to the archery range. He also encouraged me to perform my best in our shared sport. He was ambitious, strict and observed my training sessions very carefully.
After completing my apprenticeship in Upper Franconia I was transferred to Erlangen-Eltersdorf, which enabled me to move in with the man who is now my husband. I was asked to join the national squad during this time and was an active archer for two years.
After thirteen years, I was happy to return to my family in Oberkotzau.
To this day, I have trained in my home town and … I was really lucky back then to receive the opportunity to work part-time at GEALAN Formteile GmbH”

2.    What makes archery so exhilarating?
“When everything is going perfectly, when the shot is just right, it’s really an incredible feeling when I let go of the bow string. Then I can feel the arrow fly and I realize it’s sailing towards the gold – an awesome feeling: ‘This time I did everything right!’.
What’s more, anyone – whether old or young, heavyset or thin – ... can shoot a bow and arrow and I have contacts with so many great people from diverse social backgrounds. It really connects you.
The third thing I enjoy about the sport is its versatility.
I use a recurve bow in competitions. The bow got its name from the shape of the limbs, whose ends are curved forward. The tension increases steadily the further you draw the bow. In addition, unlike other bows, you need a sight to aim with a recurve.
I use my traditional bow when I just want to relax and have fun. It’s a long bow without a sight or any other high-tech gear. Then I feel a bit like Robin Hood.”

3.    I heard that archers need extreme focus from the time they nock the arrow to when they aim and shoot. How do you do it?
“The concentration phase actually begins a lot earlier and requires quality, absolutely focused practice, practice, practice ... obviously it’s a sport you play with your mind ... when I know I’ve trained well and my level of fitness, my physical and mental strength are on target, then I’m also centred.
Being able to distance myself from the outside world and focus solely on myself are the things that mean the most to me. – It’s up to me and me alone to hit that target!”

4.    How do you train for an event like this?
“In the winter months I practice two hours on Tuesdays and three hours on Fridays.
I train for my passion and for my club by volunteering. I also played an active role in organizing the very successful German Championships.”

5.    What priority does your sport have in your life? Do you see it as key in achieving a balance with your work life?
“Sport is important to me! – it always has been. For me it’s about my club and the people I know and trust who are a part of it. It’s also about unwinding and taking a break from my daily routine. I would recommend it to anyone; not just as a competition sport but also as a recreational sport.”

6.    In conclusion, do you have a golden rule you’d like to share with us on effective practice as an archer that could also apply to work in the company?
“I think the key is quality work performance with true focus. And in competition it’s very important to be one with yourself, have confidence and believe in yourself and your skills.
If you’re successful in sport, you’ll be satisfied overall and also fit for whatever work life throws at you.”

Thank you very much, Ms. Wohlleben, for your candid answers and as always, we hope: “All of your shots hit the gold!”