Trainee project helps create Tour de France feeling

Trainee project helps create Tour de France feeling

Oberkotzau, 11 July 2016, Julia Kropf, Industrial Clerk trainee and Fan Zone Project Manager

The Fan Zone trainee project will be held again this year for the 11th time.
The project is planned and organized by all of GEALAN’s first and second-year trainees. The great thing about the project is that it enables trainees to get to know one another better, take on responsibility, learn to work in a team and experience first-hand what it really means to organize an event of this nature.

Right now around 30 trainees are working in three teams. While one team is focused on advertising and organizing invitations for employees, another team is responsible for food and beverages at our small summer party. In addition, the budget must be monitored and volunteers must be assigned duties. So there’s plenty to do and preparations are currently running at full speed.

We are also happy to support the triathletes at the steepest part of the bike route with loud music, a great mood and plenty of noise again this year, making their trek up the Schrecksberg that much easier.

Above all we want to:
•    Work as a team
•    Define tasks
•    Fairly assign responsibilities
•    Discuss issues and make decisions
•    Learn more about and try our hand at project work at GEALAN
•    Following all this hard work – enjoy the FAN ZONE on 24 July 2016!