Kids? They’re welcome here!

Oberkotzau,21/11/2018, Claudia Gronwald, PR and Marketing

Bring Your Child to Work Day
Taking a cue from World Children’s Day and appointing the following Day of Prayer and Repentance as Bring Your Child to Work Day is something truly special!

Children have always played a big role at GEALAN, a traditional family-owned business, because a strong sense of family has always been a part of our corporate culture. All year there are many different activities for and with children...
This time parents in the workforce were invited to bring their children to work with them.

How does it work?
It’s simple! Children arrived with their parents between 8 and 8:30 am. And kids who accompany their parents to work naturally also want to inspect their workplace.
Now they finally have a chance to do just that!
The conference rooms in the new production hall served as meeting points and were repurposed into children’s rooms. 10 people were on hand to mind the 30 children between the ages of 3 and 13 who attended the event. Employees, welcome children and a very good mood!
The “GEALAN comes together” team welcomed the young guests and gave each of them their very own nametag. Who doesn’t want to go “where everyone knows your name”?
Part of the group decided to take the bus to the zoological park and take part in an interesting guided tour. The remainder of the group played, made pictures, laughed and had fun at the GEALAN cinema.
When the animal lovers returned at lunchtime, the party hot dogs couldn’t wait to jump out of the pot and the colourful party rolls and fruit skewers were ready to be eaten.
While the smaller children took a break to listen to an audio play, the bigger kids took an exciting tour of the production facility. Colourful toy boxes were produced there in a special run and were then personally decorated during a group crafts session in the children’s conference room. Each of the artists was able to take their own toy box home with them. What fun! Some of the kids would have loved nothing more than to return again the very next day.
“It’s all so interesting to watch. When the kids arrive, all of the seriousness involved in day-to-day work life fades away... They are simply amazing and spending the whole day with them is truly special!” said one of the childminders, summing up the day.
It’s certainly possible that these little guests will have another opportunity to visit GEALAN!