‘It’s Christmas’ at GEALAN!

Oberkotzau, 22/12/2018, Claudia Gronwald, PR and Marketing

GEALAN Formteile GmbH celebrated its traditional Christmas party once again this year.

The management celebrated the end of a successful year together with the workforce and former employees.

It is traditional for the GEALAN Choir to set the mood with their impressive voices and this year they were backed up by the GEALAN Band, who wrote their very own Christmas song, along with a small theatre piece. Around 360 active and former employees accepted the invitation to the festively decorated ATSV Oberkotzau hall.

2018 in review
The wave of project business orders that started in 2016 continued to be a major challenge in 2018. Not simply surfing the wave but also contending with the maelstrom and riding various currents were tasks the company had to master and is still faced with today.
The company revenue growth forecast between 8 and 10 million euros was confirmed and grew from 79 million to 89 million in total.

HR policy and growth
Naturally, our company has also felt the pressure of staff shortages, not only in Germany but also at GEALAN Czech in the Czech Republic, which was expanded by the plant in Krasna, and at GEALAN HungaryPlast in Hungary, whose footprint has now grown to 20,000 sqm. Particularly in difficult times like this, when HR policy is under increasing pressure, it is “even more important to ensure positive collaboration and communication,” underscores Thomas Fickenscher.

Trainees and employees celebrating anniversaries
At GEALAN it is also a tradition to honour newly minted trainees and employees who are celebrating anniversaries.
This year, another 26 employees celebrated anniversaries and were commended for their long-standing loyalty to the company. It’s wonderful to see how many former trainees were among the anniversary celebrants. Loyalty to the company, knowledge, hard work and experience are naturally also key elements of our company’s success.

Thank you
to ATSV Oberkotzau, our caterer Metzgerei Max, the choir and the theatre troupe led by Herbert Müller, the Band and everyone who helped out.
“I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a relaxing holiday season and a great start to a Happy New Year in 2019.”