Budapest, Velence, Siófok und Székesfehérvár welcome visitors from around the world to Fernweh Park

Oberkotzau, July 2019, Klaus Beer, Initiator Fernweh Park “Signs of Fame”

Tourists from around the world can immortalize their visit to Fernweh Park, an attraction located in the Upper Franconian municipality of Oberkotzau that is aimed at bringing people together, by attaching city limit signs, street signs, number plates and individual greeting signs to posts installed there. It is a colourful display of wanderlust and travel fever that currently comprises over 3,000 signs from around the globe. Now the Hungarian cities of Budapest, Velence, Siófok and Székesfehérvár are also represented here – thanks to GEALAN Formteile Oberkotzau.

Once again, GEALAN has beautified Fernweh Park with interesting and unique signs. Managing Director Thomas Fickenscher made this possible through his plant in Hungary.
Three Hungarian signs are now also in the limelight, impressing guests from around the world, media and stars who frequent Fernweh Park.
It feels good to be a part of the peace project that is aimed at bringing people together and already enjoys international acclaim.
For a detailed account of the sign ceremony with pictures, all of the stars and information, visit: