37. GEALAN Triathlon organized by IfL Hof on 27 July 2019.

Oberkotzau, 12/07/2019, Claudia Gronwald, PR and Marketing / Bastin Schatz, Organization ifL Hof

This year’s GEALAN triathlon broke every record. 612 athletes started in the event – the largest number ever.
The sport is trending and is not only popular among ambitious athletes but is also attracting more and more mass sport enthusiasts. This marked the first time that two different leagues started in the event. The national league north teams took on the entire Olympic distance, while the many Bavarian league teams completed half of this distance.
The GEALAN Triathlon organized by ifL Hof, sponsor GEALAN’s biggest sport highlight in 2019, proved to be an exciting event, both for the ifL organizing team and the sponsor itself.
Five colleagues performed well in a variety of disciplines.