GEALAN ³ - Apprenticeship Kick-Off '19

Oberkotzau, 30/8/2018, Claudia Gronwald, PR and Marketing

Learning is experiencing.
Everything else is just information. Albert Einstein once said something to this effect.

GEALAN Formteile and GEALAN CAXsolutions staff are pleased that ten new trainees, one person undergoing retraining and a dual studies major all want to gain experience at their company.
Learning by doing is key: These apprentices will learn everything they need to know to do a good job later on in their careers starting on 2 September.

The programme is kicking off with a week-long campaign designed to familiarize them with the headquarters in Oberkotzau.
The group includes Industrial Clerks, Machine and Equipment Operators, Tool Mechanics, Electronics Technicians for Operating Engineering, Mechatronics Engineers, Process Mechanics, Technical Product Designers and various dual studies majors.
The training period will bring new aspects of their personalities and new strengths to light and enable them to meet new people and experience team spirit for themselves.
Learning is experiencing.
This also includes understanding that everyone has positive qualities as individuals and that these qualities are multiplied when they work as part of a team.
Welcome to the programme! We wish you the best of luck and the best of success for the entire company.