Six for GEALAN HungaryPlast and 60 for Managing Director Thomas Fickenscher

Oberkotzau, 12/03/2020, Claudia Gronwald, PR and Marketing

Deeply grateful for the privilege of turning 60!
GEALAN Formteile GmbH’s Managing Director  Thomas Fickenscher celebrated his 60th birthday on 12 March 2020 and took advantage of the opportunity to congratulate his youngest ‘daughter’, GEALAN HungaryPlast, on its sixth birthday.

Part of the workforce, external well-wishers and family members attended a small congratulatory ceremony at the company’s headquarters in Oberkotzau. They know what a valuable director and partner they have in Thomas Fickenscher. During his birthday address, Managing Director Gerd Laubmann made a wonderful statement on behalf of the managers and their teams.

Especially in challenging times like these it is important to know who you can trust and who you can rely on. “Trust is not simply given. It has to be earned! And over the years Thomas Fickenscher has proven time and again that he has earned this trust. It’s something people can truly feel,” Gerd Laubmann continues.
“... over 800 people, a corporate group with companies at six locations in three countries, currently generating around 100 million euros in revenues, all this represents the life’s work of our guest of honour. Something he can be truly proud of at the young age of 60.”

Featured left: Gerhard Laubmann, Managing Director
Featured right: Thomas Fickenscher, Managing Director