Issue 05.15

Oberkotzau, 23.07.2015, PR und Werbung

We're celebrating our 30th anniversary and want to say thank you!

Issue 04.15

Oberkotzau, 19.06.2015, PR und Werbung

48 variants - just-in-sequence

Issue 03.15

Oberkotzau, 19.05.2015, PR und Werbung

GEALAN PUR sealing foam technology!

Issue 02.15

Oberkotzau, 20.04.2015, PR und Werbung

"Every spring carries the magic of a new beginning within itself!" (Monika Minder)

Issue 01.15

Oberkotzau, 23.02.2015, PR und Werbung

"Made in Hungary" - starting now, this also applies to GEALAN

Issue 01.14

Oberkotzau, 20.08.2014, PR und Werbung

Keeping up with the latest developments