Yeah. We crushed it! Literally. GEALAN pushes the limit.

...We don’t want you to think destroying things is fun for us – but sometimes it helps!
Do you know how much pressure a plastic part that is already 15 years old can withstand?
We don’t just test material when it is in pristine condition.
We developed a test specimen called the GEALAN Xbody to examine the effects of ageing on materials as well. We use this device – similar to the crash test dummies car manufacturers use – to test engineering strength. We investigate a wide range of plastics from different manufacturers in our own lab to ensure they are suitable for use in later applications.
What makes the process so unique: We artificially age the plastics. We developed a proprietary method that enables us to realistically age various materials in a short amount of time.

Hold me,Hug me,Rock me! Taking joining technology to the next level this is one progressive idea! Click and it’s tight: GEALAN Xtorque Joining technology redefined

A popular rock 'n' roll song from the 60s also perfectly describes our new innovation, the GEALAN Xlock360: Securely connected, closely intertwined – we rock joining technology!
Hold me! Hold on tight!
Our GEALAN Xlock360 forms a powerful connection between plastic or metal tube components. Options include two metal components with a plastic fitting in between or with a direct connection to a plastic part. The high stiffness and strength in the direction of stress enable the plastic clip to achieve values beyond 100 bar in burst pressure tests, a true mark of quality.
Hug me! Closely intertwined:
Our novel concept flexibly and reliably enables an angle of contact of nearly 360° around the tube component. Axial forces are distributed evenly, thereby avoiding lateral forces in the system. Our Xlock360 requires lower assembly and disassembly forces than conventional metal clips do and the integrated latch protects against loss.
Rock me! We rock joining technology – one progressive idea – many exciting effects: Easy to assemble, quick and efficient to complete – and custom designs are no problem. GEALAN Xlock360 – alongside Xtorque, another milestone in joining technology.

Let’s twist again Click and it’s tight: GEALAN Xtorque Joining technology redefined

There are so many pipes, tubes and ducts to connect.
But is there a way to join them without tools or force? Just like that?
And ensure the connections remain reliable and tight?
We have the solution. Twist. Click and it’s tight

GEALAN Glove Box Value Chain

It all starts with an idea!
An idea of how our glove box should look and function quickly becomes a concept, which is then implemented with the help of bright minds, many different development programs and final tests and prototypes.
A mould is created; the machine fleet and qualified employees make JIS (just-in-sequence) production possible. Precisely tailored to customer specifications, at just the right time and in just the right sequence!
Music: GEALAN Band

What, therefore, would be bound forever… Cobots at GEALAN

Cobots are robots that work hand in hand with people without putting them in danger – thanks to highly developed sensors.
People and robots have been a part of an optimal collaboration at GEALAN Czech since May 2018.
Music: GEALAN Band

Plastic and metal Inseparable for (product) life

Our metal-plastic hybrid components
We join metal and plastic components in a single injection in the injection mould. (In-mould assembly – IMA)
Another option is called post-moulding assembly (PMA), where we join the plastic part with the metal components after injecting the plastic part.
Music: GEALAN Band, image material: Jan Friedrich, editing: GEALAN Formteile

Everything sealed? Foaming parts at GEALAN

GEALAN PUR sealing foam technology
We have produced components with built-in sealing and tolerance compensation since 1994.
The polyurethane two-component sealing foam is applied directly to plastic parts using FIPFG (Formed-In-Place-Foam-Gasket) technology before undergoing a chemical reaction. From injection moulding to fully automatic screw insertion to PUR sealing foams...these are just a few examples of our versatility.
Music: GEALAN Band, image material: Jan Friedrich, editing: GEALAN Formteile

Abracadabra Fully automated manufacturing at GEALAN

Fully automated manufacturing of 2-component injection moulded parts, with camera inspection and packaging robots.
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