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Our success in numbers

We have been a successful family-owned company based in Oberkotzau, Upper Franconia, since 1921. Adapting to change and creating new innovations has been the foundation of our actions to this day. Following the establishment of Bayerische Fellverwertung by the Fickenscher family, we ventured into plastic processing with the production of laundry lines and water hoses, as well as entering the window industry. In 1985, another business area - injection moulding technology - was added: GEALAN Formteile was born! Today, GEALAN Formteile is a globally active specialist in technical polymer parts and components as well as a successful, independent family business.

Our figures and milestones provide an insight into what we have achieved in over 100 years:

  • Foundation: 1985
  • Around 800 employees
  • 5 companies in 3 European countries
  • Business areas: Automotive, Industries
  • Turnover 2023: EUR 90 million
  • 90 injection moulding machines up to 24,000 kN clamping force
  • 21 welding systems
  • 6 PUR foaming systems
  • 10,500 tonnes of polymer granulate per year
  • 110 million articles per year

More than 100 years
of family tradition

Thomas Fickenscher has been successfully managing the GEALAN Formteile Group in its third generation since 1989 alongside Gerhard Laubmann. With Timo Fickenscher and Jonas Laubmann, the fourth generation has now also joined the company.

Our milestones

Anfänge der Produktionshallen in Oberkotzau


Our foundation

With an investment of DM 12 million, we found GEALAN Formteile in Oberkotzau in 1985.
We start with 9 machines with a clamping force of 350 - 7.500 kN.


Prozessspezialisierung für Spritzguss

1993 - 1995

Process specialisations


We evolve from a simple injection moulding company to a specialist.

2-component injection moulding technology
Vibration welding process
PUR foam sealing (FIPFG)

Entwicklungslieferant mit eigenem Entwicklungszentrum

1997 - 2006

We become a development supplier


In 1997, we launch our first CAD activities.

In 2004, GEALAN CAXsolutions is founded as a development centre of the GEALAN Group.


Erweiterung der Kapazitäten in Spritzgießen, PUR-Fertigung und Logistik

1998 - 1999

We are growing


We grow and expand our capacities in injection moulding, PUR production and logistics.

In Hof, plant 2 is acquired and put into operation. The new administration building in Oberkotzau is occupied.

Investment volume: DM 5 million

Gründung der GEALAN Czech


Foundation of GEALAN Czech


We expand our assembly activities and install automatic assembly machines and polymer welding systems.

With GEALAN Czech s.r.o. we set up our first international location in Asch.

Produktion, Montage und Logistik bei GEALAN Formteile

2007 - 2010

Production, assembly and logistics grow

Plant 1 in Oberkotzau is expanded to include a large machine hall and the logistics area grows by over 4,000 square metres.

With Plant 3, we set up a new assembly site in Oberkotzau.

Investment volume: EUR 12 million

MuCell Technologie (Thermoplastischer Schaumguss)

2013 - 2018

GEALAN and lightweight construction


The thermoplastic foam injection moulding process opens up new possibilities in terms of lightweight construction and component quality.

The physical (MuCell) and chemical foam injection moulding process runs on machines with a clamping force of up to 10,000 kN.

Gründung der GEALAN HungaryPlast

2014 - 2015

Foundation of GEALAN HungaryPlast

Acquisition and commissioning of the plant in Székesfehérvár/HU.

Our range of services:

1-K injection moulding up to 10,000 kN clamping force
PUR foaming
Heating element and vibration welding technology
Assembly and automation

Bayerns Best 50 Auszeichnung


Bayerns Best 50


After 2002 and 2013, in 2017 we were recognized for the third time at Bavaria's Best 50 and named one of the 50 fastest-growing medium-sized companies.


Gründung des R&D Office München


Office Munich


Over the years, we have established an excellent reputation as a competent and comprehensive developer in vehicle construction. With the office in Munich, we create proximity for even more efficient development co-operation with BMW and other partners in southern Bavaria.

2018 - 2020

Growth in Hungary and the Czech Republic

Our plant in Hungary grows by 10,000 square metres to 20,000 square metres.
We are expanding the assembly site in the Czech Republic by 1,500 square metres.


Klimaziel GEALAN goes zero CO2 bis 2030


We are sustainable


GEALAN goes Zero CO2 - We want to be CO2 neutral by 2030.
However, sustainability also means thinking outside the box and thus beyond our own CO2 balance. With our metal substitution activities, we manufacture complex products with increasingly lighter component weight. And lightweight construction also benefits the climate: Wether it is in the operation of the vehicle, the handling of components during assembly, or during transportation.

Timo Fickenscher und Jonas Laubmann GEALAN Formteile

2022 - 2023

Entry of the 4th generation

In 2022/23, the course is set for the future. With Timo Fickenscher and Jonas Laubmann, the 4th generation is now joining the family business.


The GEALAN Formteile Group

GEALAN Formteile GmbH
Werk 1:

  • Location: Oberkotzau
  • Foundation: 1985
  • Head office
  • R&D: Project management
  • Production plant incl. assembly
  • Logistics centre
  • Hofer Str. 70-74, 95145 Oberkotzau

GEALAN Formteile GmbH
Werk 2:

  • Location: Hof
  • Foundation: 1998
  • Production plant incl. assembly
  • Fichtelgebirgsstraße 3, 95032 Hof

CAXsolutions GmbH:

  • Location: Haidt (Hof)
  • Foundation: 2004
  • R&D centre: Design, simulation, measurement and testing
  • Ferdinand-Porsche-Straße 10, 95028 Hof

GEALAN Formteile GmbH

  • Location: Munich
  • Foundation: 2016
  • R&D Office
  • Leopoldstraße 244, 80807 Munich

GEALAN Czech s.r.o.:

  • Location: Aš and Krásná
  • Foundation: 2006
  • Two assembly plants
  • Nemocnicni 1528 / 41, CZ - 35201 Aš
  • Studentská 2886, CZ - 35201 Aš

GEALAN HungaryPlast Kft.:

  • Location: Székesfehérvár
  • Founded: 2014
  • Production plant incl. assembly
  • Logistics centre
  • Holland Fasor 4, HU-8000 Székesfehérvár